Client Administration


Search facilities allow clients, policies or claims to be identified using minimal matching criteria, including pattern and wildcard searches.

Searches can be performed using client name, address (risk or correspondence), broker, product, claims handler and loss date.

Direct access can be obtained via the client, broker, policy or claim reference.



Phoenix is a client orientated system, catering for Individual and Company Clients. The client details captured can be customised and validated, as required.

All client details, including lifestyle and marketing information can be used within policy rating.

It displays any policies/quotes attached to the client and allows them to be directly accessed.



All outward policy and claims related communications are visible in an activity viewer.

Ad-hoc documents can be created, using pre-defined templates or from scratch.

External documents/files can be uploaded.



This enables predefined tasks to be assigned to a specified user, and to associate task entries with a system entity. Both manual and automatic tasks can be generated by the system and users can be automatically notified via email, including periodic reminders if required.