Claim Processing


Phoenix full claims processing handles all standard claim transactions, such as Notified, Open, Finalised and Cancelled.

The associated cover is based on the Loss Date and allows the claim to be linked to the policy sections, risks or perils.

The majority of the screens are component driven, which reduces setup design, enabling short time scales whilst still allowing for customisation for any Additional Information required.



This details the current position in terms of reserve, paid to date, recovered to date and left to recover.  Users can expand the entry, for a detailed transaction breakdown.

Reserves and expected recoveries can be defaulted to pre-defined values, based on the section, risk or peril.

Policy information such as Sum Insured, Excess and Policy Limits can also be shown.



This includes the ability to record payments and recoveries from the client, lawyers, third parties, suppliers and more.  Authorisation of payments is based on user-level security and caters for a dual authorisation process.



Phoenix has the ability to create known Contacts, that can be attached to a claim, such as Lawyers, Loss Adjusters, Medical Experts etc.

A global facility allows frequently used contacts to be setup, for attachment to multiple claims, thus reducing data entry requirements.